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  • Cohen & Master give you an up-close and personal look at pruning and maintaining mature trees

    Trees are a precious commodity in our cities that require long term planning and care.

    Trees are living organisms that improve our atmosphere; the air that we breathe and the quality of our neighbourhoods.
    Trees have always been “green” and will continue to play a vital role in our communities.

    Trees are usually trimmed and pruned for one or more of these purposes: safety, health or aesthetics.

    Regular maintenance, as tree pruning and tree trimming, is important to protect your trees from injury and decline, while ensuring structural safety and proper form.

    • Improve appearance and shape
    • Prolonging the life of your tree
    • Promote healthy and regulated growth
    • Remove potentially hazardous growth over your roof, eaves, skylights, cars and yards
    • Lower the risk of storm damage by reducing wind resistance and increasing strengh

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Located in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive urban tree service private home owners, commercial establishments and municipalities.

Most municipalities have introduced tree preservation by-laws. We interact regularly with these municipalities and can take care of your application to acquire all the necessary permits.

  • I enlisted the services of Cohen & Master to prune 2 large Maple trees in our back yard. Tomas came to provide a quote within a couple days; as well he provided his opinion about the status of remaining trees and shrubs on my property. Tomas's team came by a few days later and spent the better part of a day pruning our maples. Their clean up was excellent also. I would recommend them to anyone needing expert tree service. Thanks Tomas for the tip about tapping the sugar maples, we did so and have since made some maple syrup for the first time.

    - Raffi
  • Used Cohen and Master to prune my backyard tree. They were on time and very professional. The price was competitive with other tree services. I would recommend them and would use them again.

    - Seymour and Helen
  • The Cohen and Master team did a great job in pruning all of our trees in our backyard. They came in the early morning and took time to prune all of our 7 trees. We were having issues with the trees hanging over onto our neighbors roof and property and the problem was dealt with head on! They also removed a tree that was dying. Once all the work was completed, they cleaned up the area and even went into all of our neighbors yards to make sure there was no debris left behind. They also gave us some insight on two of our trees that were "at risk". One being an Ash tree that was in the early stages of being attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer and a Choke Cherry that had severe Black Knot fungus. We asked the Cohen and Master rep if we should get the Choke Cherry removed but he assured us that it still had some time to live. I was pleased to hear an honest answer.

    - Mark