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  • Find out the importance of Pruning & Cutting Hedges

    Often neglected or improperly pruned or cut are the woody plants: shrubs and hedges.

    They are an integral part of the landscape framework, around which your sanctuaries are created.
    If maintained correctly, shrubs will create interesting colour, foliage, bark, shade and privacy year round.
    They can help hide the harsh surroundings and unattractive views that may surround us in our urban setting.

    Well positioned and maintained, shrubs and hedges make excellent backdrops against your garden flowers and aid in establishing relaxing environments.

    Cohen & Master recommends annual pruning of your hedges and shrubs for optimum health and to achieve the desired results.

    The success of your hedges and shrubs will depend on how they are cared for.

    Consult a Cohen & Master Toronto Arborist to bring out the true beauty of your outdoor space!

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Located in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive urban tree service private home owners, commercial establishments and municipalities.

Most municipalities have introduced tree preservation by-laws. We interact regularly with these municipalities and can take care of your application to acquire all the necessary permits.

  • The Cohen and Master team did a great job in pruning all of our trees in our backyard. They came in the early morning and took time to prune all of our 7 trees. We were having issues with the trees hanging over onto our neighbors roof and property and the problem was dealt with head on! They also removed a tree that was dying. Once all the work was completed, they cleaned up the area and even went into all of our neighbors yards to make sure there was no debris left behind. They also gave us some insight on two of our trees that were "at risk". One being an Ash tree that was in the early stages of being attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer and a Choke Cherry that had severe Black Knot fungus. We asked the Cohen and Master rep if we should get the Choke Cherry removed but he assured us that it still had some time to live. I was pleased to hear an honest answer.

    - Mark
  • Jackie and I give you our greatest appreciation for your prompt and thorough response to our tree cable problem.
Your professionalism in this regard is most impressive and hard to find in today's world !

    - Jackie & Robert L.