In cities, having access to green spaces is essential. Those green spaces need to be maintained so they can be enjoyed for decades to come. We were fortunate enough to work on this incredible project maintaining and caring for the plants on this condo terrace. With proper pruning, plant health care and strategic planting, we can make sure to make the most of our green spaces.


The Cohen & Master team shows how to uproot and replant a Japanese Maple tree. Past methods have required the use of large tree spades to dig out the roots. Our method uses compressed air to gently and safely clear the dirt away while maintaining as much of the root system as possible. This is a good solution if you’re doing construction but want to preserve your existing, small-species trees.


We know that urban soils suffer from two issues: 1. Compacted soil 2. Limited surface area and soil volume We need to fix these issues in urban soils in order to give roots what they need to grow healthy, strong urban plants! Aeration Tubes are a device that fixes urban soils by delivering oxygen and water to roots.


Cohen & Master gives you an up-close and personal look at how we care for large-scale, mature trees.


Tait discusses how we pruned and fine-cabled this Austrian Pine tree in order to preserve it’s beautiful and unique structure and make it a focal point of this Toronto property.


Tree maintenance with Geoff Niblett. Cohen & Master volunteers in the community.


Meet the Cohen & Master Team! Our aborists and support staff explain why we love taking care of your trees.


Tait talks about tree bracing. This method of mechanically supporting the tree can prevent tree failure and preserve your tree for years to come!


Tait talks about the importance of a beautiful and healthy hedge in the landscape and discusses strategies Cohen & Master uses around hedge maintenance.


Richard discusses Soil Care Cohen and Master arborist’s strives to understand how the growing systems in your yard functions so that we can custom design a program for you.


Watch Cohen & Master dismantle dead Ash trees with Aerial lift devices in downtown Toronto. Arborist Tait Sala discusses different issues to consider around this type of work.


Watch step by step how Cohen and Master remove this tree from a suburban Toronto home. Tree removal is often performed when the tree becomes hazardous as a result of structural problems from disease or lack of maintenance. All branches and wood materials are safely removed using advanced rigging techniques and cranes. The safety aspect of this procedure is very important to Cohen and Master. This is to ensure no damage is caused to the house or landscape during the tree removal so you can expect the best tree service in Toronto.


Geoff explains how a large tree can be struck by lightning and still thrive.


Chatterer the Red Squirrel Meets an Arborist. This video is a collaboration on an educational project, reaching out to family and communities about the importance of trees and the role of an arborist.


In this video Cohen and Master visit the University of Toronto to give their Dutch Elm Disease treatment to the Elm Trees. Previously the University of Toronto witnessed their Elm trees showing symptoms of decline such as withering leaves. One year later they were dead. The disease often spreads from one tree to the next so it was important for Cohen and Master to give treatment to the remaining trees to prevent their decline too. The Dutch Elm Disease is transferred by a little insect that bores into the tree and resides under the bark layer of the tree. Once a tree is infected the cambium layer (the layer responsible for tree growth) gets clogged so no nutrients can pass to the crown of the tree. The end result is the trees turn brown and in one season the large elm tree can be killed. Cohen and Master inject a fungicide into the cambium layer at the base of the tree via a pressurized IV kit. From there the treatment spreads into the crown of the tree. This is an effective system as it protects the tree from Dutch Elm Disease while keeping the fungicide contained within the tree.


In this video Cohen and Master illustrate how they are protecting Ash Trees against Emerald Ash Borer to residential properties part of the Toronto ravines network. The insect was first detected in North America in 2002 and Cohen and Master have already witnessed huge amounts of damage the insect can cause. The Ash Tree is an important part of the Toronto tree canopy and is largely planted on the ravines network therefore it is important to protect these trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is a small green beetle that looks for Ash Trees to feed and lay it’s eggs in. These eggs turn into larva that feed on the sap wood of the tree so not as many nutrients travel through the canopy of the tree. Here in the City of Toronto, if an Emerald Ash Borer infected tree is not treated, the Ash Tree will be dead within 10 years. Cohen and Master have received excellent results with treated Ash Trees. Their treatment eliminates infestations and any spreading of the disease within that area. Contact Cohen and Master today for the most effective Emerald Ash Borer treatment in Toronto.


In this video Cohen and Master explain why regular maintenance is so important. Cohen and Master recommend pruning every few years, especially while the tree is young. Pruning at a young age promotes good structure and removes any defects the tree may have which will guarantee a structurally sound tree when matured. It is advised to consult an Arborist before any tree pruning is implemented as over pruning can be harmful to the health of your tree.


It is advised that an Arborist be called to inspect your tree to determine if any structural weaknesses are present. These weaknesses are prone to splitting the tree apart during a storm, which can damage surrounding property. Cohen and Master provide a solution by installing a tree cable into the upper canopy of the tree. This dynamic tree cable allows the tree to sway with the wind, but under a shock situation the crown of the tree is held together so the lower union does not rip apart.


A stump will always remain after a tree removal service. Cohen and Master offer a service to grind out the stump and then either place sawd over the top or replant a tree in its location. It is important to remove a stump from the property as it can often result in an influx of carpenter ants into the area. By providing machines for both the front and back yard, Cohen and Master offer a complete solution for tree stump removals for your home.

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