Planting & Garden Care

  • Cohen & Master is the answer to creating beautiful and thriving urban gardens.

    Our Arborists start with careful analysis of your existing plant life and soil conditions. Specific establish plants are selected for maintenance and care. Undesirable invasive plants and weeds are removed. Teaming with our garden designers, a custom plan is created to add new plant life including trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses specifically chosen for beauty and success on your property.

    When installing plant material, we always begin with comprehensive soil renovation utilizing specialized pneumatic tools to till and de-compact soils. Custom compost is added into all of our planting beds. Liquid soil conditioners, biostimulants and active biology are added to the soil to ensure success and beauty. We offer ongoing care for your plants with our Arborwatch package and all of our plantings are warrantied.

    Contact us today and meet with your Cohen & Master Arborist to reinvent your garden and realize your dreams.



Tree Planting

  • Contribute to our urban forest in Toronto. Have a Cohen & Master arborist plant a tree for you today!

    Trees provide shade for your house, which can help reduce energy costs, they add curb appeal and help raise your property value, and help improve air quality.

    While all trees have these benefits, not all trees will thrive in all environments. A Cohen & Master arborist can help you determine which species will work best for your property based on space, soil condition, and exposure to the sun.

    We even offer specialized care for the tree over the first two years of its life, when it’s at its most vulnerable. If you choose to make this investment, we will be there every step of the way to make sure you can enjoy all the benefits for years to come.

  • Arborwatch Soil & Plant Health Monitor

    ArborWatch is a service of support and plant health care. The service is comprised of 3 separate visits to treat woody plants over a twelve month period. This includes one on-site consultation with a Cohen & Master arborist, and two treatment visits by a Cohen & Master Plant Health Care Technician.

    The treatment visits include the following:

    • Cohen & Master's signature ArborGain, a specialized liquid treatment hydraulically injected into the soil (includes a mix of fertilizers, soil enhancer, biostimulant, beneficial microbes and a mychorrhizae inoculation).
    • On-site monitoring of plant performance, soil conditions and other potential plant stressors.
    • Ongoing plant health care resource and support offered to you at the the time of the visits or available by phone/email anytime at your convenience.

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