Thank you so much. I appreciate everything Cohen and Master does at our property. I feel  this company is just so professional and well run. All jobs are done when scheduled, there are NEVER any screw ups, everyone is so polite and capable, everything is done very safely , any mess is tidied up and the office staff ( you ) are excellent.. I mean, honestly,  – what else is there??
– Martha

Yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon Kyle did the treatment for our hemlocks. He is a very polite young man and we are pleased with the work he did.

We are now looking forward to the continued healthy growth of our hemlock trees.

Thanks for arranging this treatment.

– Tim

[We] are extremely happy with the job Tait and Dylan did for us yesterday.
And we’re very impressed with your entire operation.  You and all of your team members (Tara, Tait & Dylan) treated us with courtesy and professionalism throughout.  We can’t imagine anyone having taken as many precautions and care as Tait and Dylan took yesterday.  Your equipment is clearly top-notch and well maintained.  We saw that a few of our neighbours took note of the Cohen and Master name as they walked by the house.
So thanks again for your great service.
– Alex

I enlisted the services of Cohen & Master to prune 2 large Maple trees in our back yard. Tomas came to provide a quote within a couple days; as well he provided his opinion about the status of remaining trees and shrubs on my property. Tomas’s team came by a few days later and spent the better part of a day pruning our maples. Their clean up was excellent also. I would recommend them to anyone needing expert tree service. Thanks Tomas for the tip about tapping the sugar maples, we did so and have since made some maple syrup for the first time.

– Raffi

Used Cohen and Master to prune my backyard tree. They were on time and very professional. The price was competitive with other tree services. I would recommend them and would use them again.

– Seymour and Helen

The Cohen and Master team did a great job in pruning all of our trees in our backyard. They came in the early morning and took time to prune all of our 7 trees. We were having issues with the trees hanging over onto our neighbors roof and property and the problem was dealt with head on! They also removed a tree that was dying. Once all the work was completed, they cleaned up the area and even went into all of our neighbors yards to make sure there was no debris left behind. They also gave us some insight on two of our trees that were “at risk”. One being an Ash tree that was in the early stages of being attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer and a Choke Cherry that had severe Black Knot fungus. We asked the Cohen and Master rep if we should get the Choke Cherry removed but he assured us that it still had some time to live. I was pleased to hear an honest answer.

– Mark

I am a business owner too, and I wanted to compliment you on the professionalism of your service. I have noted that my calls were returned right away, you came on time and your pricing seemed reasonable. the Website and material you gave me was helpful. I just thought I would pass that on as that is what we try to do in our business, and it is a pleasure to see it in others.

– Janice R.

You guys are incredible! What a perfect job! Your team was professional and personable

– Jodie Y.

I had called a couple of other tree services companies about my annoying mulberry trees, it was the busy spring season, i got quotes, but they didn’t even bother calling back with a date. I actually called Cohen and Master in the fall because I got a flyer from them, someone came over very quickly and measured the trees and gave me a quotation. The price was in line with previous quotes I had. It seems quite reasonable considering the amount of people and equipment. They actually came a couple of weeks before they had estimated. 4 people working made very fast work of the trees and they were done in half a days work. They left no mess at all, and my neighbors were happy to see the end of those messy berry trees!

– Jim M.

I just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call from the neighbors praising you and your team’s work, she said you were all incredibly careful and professional! Just wanted to pass that feedback along”

– Joanna S.

I wanted to let you know that Tait and his team did an outstanding job removing our Ash tree and the pruning the Spruce and backyard Manitoba Maples!

– Betty W.

Thank you! Tait and his team did a great job!

– Heather C.

Jackie and I give you our greatest appreciation for your prompt and thorough response to our tree cable problem.
Your professionalism in this regard is most impressive and hard to find in today’s world !

– Jackie & Robert L.

Thank you so much for the work you did today for us! I cannot tell you