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2018 Landscape Design Trends and Tips

2018 is shaping up to be another fabulous year for creating enjoyable outdoor property spaces. A professionally designed beautiful and relaxing space can improve the quality of your life. Landscaping can also add to the value of a

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Aeration Tubes & Urban Soils

Tree health hinges on healthy and productive roots. Tree roots require active, well structured soils in order to receive what they need. Tree roots needs two things: Oxygen Water Water is needed for nutrient transfer in the plant

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Are your trees storm-ready?

Recently, a storm burst resulted in a fair amount of tree failure throughout the city. When trees break apart in our city, there is nearly always a resulting consequence such as downed power lines, damaged homes, obstructed roads/walkways

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Display & Prepare Your Trees This Fall

Autumn is the time of year when trees become the uncontested star of the landscape. A new focus is given to our gardens. A healthy tree will explode into rich colour, displaying their unique character. As foliage begins

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