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Symbols of Hope – Survivor Trees

Trees are resilient. They have been on earth for hundreds of millions of years and always seem to find a way to adapt and thrive in their environments. It is no surprise, then, that in the face of

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Managing Salt Damage to Your Plants

Spring is officially here, but our trees and shrubs may continue to be affected by our city’s winter ice management practices. Cities use thousands of tons of salt to combat ice-covered roads and sidewalks during the course of

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Groom Your Trees!

Regular maintenance, such as tree pruning, is important to protect your trees from injury and decline, while keeping them looking their best. We recommended having your trees on a regular maintenance schedule that includes pruning every few seasons.

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Take Your Tree for a Walk!

No, we don’t mean literally. However, there are ways to allow your trees to “stretch their legs,” so to speak. Tree roots need oxygen in order to spread and grow. Unfortunately, city soil is often very compacted due

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