Autumn has arrived! It’s a beautiful time of year for our trees!

As we enter fall and your trees prepare for their long winter naps, it’s the perfect time for their health check-ups. Our Fall Health Check ensures your trees are ready to take on whatever Winter throws at them and still come back strong and vibrant in the Spring.

What we look for during a Fall Health Check:

Is your tree safe for winter?

Does your tree have cracks or damaged limbs in the canopy? Are branches growing too close to rooftops or eaves troughs?

What we can do:

  • Shorten branches extending towards your house

  • Raise canopies above rooftops for clearance

  • Prune out cracked, damaged, dead or diseased limbs

  • Install support cables for limbs with weak unions


Is your tree under stress?

If your tree’s canopy was thin, discoloured, or dropping leaves earlier than expected, it is likely an issued with damaged soils

What we can do:

  • ArborGain: Repair your soil by boosting nutrients, drought-resistance and stimulating your soil biology by feeding valuable microbes in the soil.

  • Soil Decompaction: Your soil may not be draining properly. Decompaction creates pore spaces in the soil

  • Soil Aeration Tubes: Assists with drainage and helps bring oxygen to your tree’s roots at depths, promoting beneficial gas exchange.

  • Salt Buffer: Winter de-icing salts are very bad for your soil and extremely harmful for trees. Salt buffer helps move the salt away from the root zone of your tree.


Did your tree get slammed by pests and disease this summer?

We can help it bounce back better than ever!

What we can do:

  • Like humans, strong, healthy trees are more resistant to becoming sick! ArborGain helps grow strong roots by delivering the micro and macro nutrients that are essential for growing a healthy root system.

  • Dormant Oils: Many pests can be controlled by spraying your trees with dormant oil to kill any overwintering bugs or eggs.



Call today to have your arborist come by for your 2019 Fall Health Check!

Be Good to Your Trees!

Kristie Nairn, MA, MMst
Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd.