Fall is here and it’s time for your tree’s annual Health Check!

The good news – fall is here and we’re projected to have a pleasant season through the month of October. There will be lots of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the fall foliage!

The bad news – winter weather will start appearing once November rolls around.

Our Fall Health Checks ensure that your trees are ready to take on whatever winter throws at them, and equips your trees to wake up in the spring fresh, healthy and vibrant!

Here is what we look for during a Fall Health Check: 

Is Your Tree Safe For Winter?

  • Does your tree have cracks or damaged limbs in the canopy? Are branches growing too close to rooftops, wires and eaves troughs?

Cohen & Master will Protect your tree from winter storms:

  • Shorten branches extending towards your house and raise canopies over the roof
  • Prune out cracked, damaged, dead or diseased limbs
  • Install support cables for limbs with weak unions.

Is Your Tree weak, unhealthy and not looking its best?

  • Thin canopy, limited growth, leaves dropping earlier than expected?

Cohen & Master will Repair your damaged soils to greatly improve the health of your tree:

  • ArborGain & Biochar for soil repair, water retention and nutrient availability
  • Soil decompaction and Aeration Tubes for better drainage and oxygen access at depth
  • Salt Buffer to keep winter de-icing salts away from your tree’s root zone

Did your tree have a pest problem this summer?

  • Do you have damage from box tree moths, LDD moths, or other pests?

Cohen & Master will eliminate your pest problem:

  • ArborGain to support healthy root growth and improve your tree’s pest and disease resistance.
  • Dormant oil to prevent future infestation

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Kristie Nairn, MA, MMst
Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd.