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  • Discussion with Tait on the Emerald Ash Borer
    Discussion with Tait on Dutch Elm Disease

    Trees are living organisms that can be affected by insects and disease – such as for example Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) or Dutch Elm Disease.
    If left untreated, repeated infestations can lead to a tree’s total decline.

    When caring for the health of a tree, many factors must be considered, and solutions require a well rounded approach.

    A Cohen & Master arborist should be consulted if your trees and shrubs are showing symptoms of decline.

    Our tree experts understand that a change in leaf colour, early leaf drop or branch die-back could all be indications of a greater problem.

    Cohen & Master’s bio-treatments are environmentally friendly and approved in the province of Ontario.

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Located in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive urban tree service private home owners, commercial establishments and municipalities.

Most municipalities have introduced tree preservation by-laws. We interact regularly with these municipalities and can take care of your application to acquire all the necessary permits.

  • Jackie and I give you our greatest appreciation for your prompt and thorough response to our tree cable problem.
Your professionalism in this regard is most impressive and hard to find in today's world !

    - Jackie & Robert L.
  • Thank you! Tait and his team did a great job!

    - Heather C.
  • I am a business owner too, and I wanted to compliment you on the professionalism of your service. I have noted that my calls were returned right away, you came on time and your pricing seemed reasonable. the Website and material you gave me was helpful. I just thought I would pass that on as that is what we try to do in our business, and it is a pleasure to see it in others.

    - Janice R.