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  • Richard discusses Soil Care Cohen and Master arborist's strives to understand how the growing systems in your yard functions so that we can custom design a program for you.

    We can all appreciate the beautiful foliage, flowers and branching structure of the trees within our landscape.

    Not to be forgotten is the tree’s root system and the soil that it develops in. Cohen & Master arborists reinforce the importance of a balanced and active soil in maintaining a healthy and robust tree.

    Our modern techniques involve specialized Air Spade equipment and a custom compost recipe.

    This allows us to address the some of the chemistry and structural issues that cause great challenges for plant life within the urban landscape.

    Elevated PH levels, limited nutrients, compacted soils, poor drainage; these are all issues that must be addressed to properly care for your trees.

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Located in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive urban tree service private home owners, commercial establishments and municipalities.

Most municipalities have introduced tree preservation by-laws. We interact regularly with these municipalities and can take care of your application to acquire all the necessary permits.

  • I just wanted to let you know that I received a phone call from the neighbors praising you and your team's work, she said you were all incredibly careful and professional! Just wanted to pass that feedback along"*

    - Joanna S.
  • Thank you! Tait and his team did a great job!

    - Heather C.