Last year we had an incredibly dry summer. What does that mean for your trees and plants in 2017?

The team of arborists at Cohen & Master has been watching weather patterns closely for the past twelve months. 2016 was the third consecutive year of record temperatures globally. Trees were put under enormous stress with last year’s extreme drought situation.  By the end of the summer we found that even in irrigated landscapes it was bone dry at depths of no more than a foot.

  • Losses in groundwater takes many weeks of continuos rain to replenish.
  • Conventional irrigation is not adequate for adding water to the soil at depth.
  • Snowless weeks this winter are quite concerning and rain falling on the exposed but frozen ground is quickly lost into the sewers.

Our team understands:

Trees and shrubs are facing unusual stress and will require help this spring to affect full recovery from last year. We must work continuously to provide plants the resources to better cope with these sort of extreme events and challenges within the City. 

Three Strategies for ensured Plant Health:

  1. Build deep, uncompacted, biologically healthy soils that can better retain moisture and make nutrients available to plants.
  2. Ensure plants have well developed mycorrhizal networks ( *a specialized organism) attached to their root systems to expand their reach for water and nutrients.
  3. Devise ways to deliver water more deeply into the soil.


Specialized tools and prescriptions now available:

  • Our full array of liquid soil care treatments always include sea kelp, humates, sugars and an active microbial component to build the biological life of the soil.
  • Mycorrhizal inoculations are now available for the roots of your plant. Among a list of benefits, this organism physically increases the root web and deliver 30% more water to the plant.
  • Our Air Spade pneumatic technology de-compacts soil without damage to tree roots and adds vital compost material back into the soil.
  • Our soil aeration tubes, installed in the landscape, deliver both water and oxygen deep into the root zone.
  • Our installed dry-wells connect rain water from your roof’s down spout to the lower soil profile. This system maximizes the benefit of a rainfall by moving the water away from your home and delivering it underground to the roots of your tree.


Your Plant Health Care Program:

We take time to carefully consider our client’s plant life. We strive to find modern proactive solutions that deliver results, keeping the plant life that we manage ahead of the curve.

Please inquire as to how a customized plant health care program could benefit your property. Now is the time to ask your arborist. We are more than happy to answer questions and to analyze your property for a carefully considered plan!