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Dressing to Stay Warm and Productive in Winter

Tait discusses the importance of dressing properly for warmth and efficiency while working outdoors in the winter.

Dressing To Stay Warm And Productive In Winter

Tips for the Fall on how to Prepare You Trees for Winter

Interview with Tait Sala on CBC Ontario Morning, October 6th, 2017



My Job Rocks!

Tait discusses the skills required to be an arborist, as well as the perks of the job on My Job Rocks! – August 14, 2017

Several dead trees along Martin Goodman Trail being removed

For the Love of a Tree

Planting a Tree? Here's what you need to know

CBC Metro Morning Interview – May 22nd, 2017

The Roots of a Solid Business

When a Tree Falls: A Look at the Daunting Task of Maintaining a City's Urban Canopy

Tree Safety in Spotlight in Wake of Man's Death