Trees are remarkable living organisms that give humans the necessities of life and awe-inspiring natural beauty. It’s time for us to return the favour. Trees in cities need our help like never before. We are the experts in proactive and caring solutions to keep them healthy, vibrant and beautiful. This keeps you healthy and feeling good too.

The growing season is quickly arriving. It is important that your trees, plants and gardens are equipped to take on environmental challenges that will arise this year.

Cities pose challenges for our trees:

  • Depleted and compacted soils.
  • Poorly managed stormwater and drainage.
  • Limited growing spaces.
  • Amplified weather extremes.

Solutions we advocate for your trees and plants:


  • Take your tree for a walk. Give it a little fresh air with soil invigoration and renovation using compressed air and organic compost. This will get your roots moving!
  • Give your tree a drink. Increase the use of rainwater and improve irrigation system efficiency with soil drainage devices.
  • Groom your tree. Prune out dead and broken branches, improve structural form and provide clearance from buildings or other plants.
  • Feed your tree. Inject essential nutrients, beneficial biology and biostimulant soil conditioners into the earth for improved soil heath, a key component in withstanding weather extremes.


Talk to your arborist to see how you can take care of your trees this spring!


Be Good To Your Trees.

                   Because your trees are good to you.