One thing we see in the tree services industry is that there is a wide range of customer service. Sometimes you’ll get somebody who likes to climb trees, or maybe they like to work independently, and you’ll find often they have a hard time communicating with people and having a hard time managing.

A key point we at Cohen & Master take away as arborists, is that we are working with Trees and People.

This is really important to us and essential when working within the urban environment. It’s not good being a tree expert when you can’t communicate with people and help them make proper decisions in terms of caring for their trees. You’re not going to get anything done that way.

On the other end of the spectrum, you can get guys that are great with people, but don’t know enough about trees.  In this case, the urban environment isn’t going to have much of a change.

Cohen and Master really prides themselves in both areas of customer service and tree management, and really feel as arborists in Toronto, it is a fundamental part of our company and an essential part of how we operate.

Having strong management benefits our company every day, as scheduling is always an issue in terms of when the crew is going to come, whether the road needs to be closed, whether permits are obtained, whether we need to speak to the neighbours in advance, or give out a letter before hand.

All of this communication and pre-planning is important in arboriculture. If your tree company doesn’t have a service end, things are going to fall apart very quickly. Being on top of all the details and communicating it back to the client, as well as being in contact with the city and any other proper authorities, is critical to having your tree company working and operating smoothly.

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