Summer is here and our landscapes and gardens are now in full swing!

The warm summer months allow for maximum enjoyment of our green spaces. While this is an important growth period for plants, summer also comes with stresses including limited water, harmful insects & disease, and sudden thunderstorms. Protecting and preparing your plant life for these stresses is incredibly important. Many home construction and renovation projects are underway at this time of year and it is important to note that these projects can be very harmful to your trees.

Maintenance and protection is critical during this period to ensure successful plant life now and for seasons to come.


Here are some ways you can maintain and protect your trees this summer:

  1. Water your plants! Trees need water to survive, particularly newly planted trees. Deep watering should be conducted twice a week.  We suggest a hose on a slow dribble for 30 to 40 minutes. Move the end of the hose three times during this process to soak all sides of the root zone, about 8”-10” from the tree trunk. A soaker hose run for the same amount of time solves the issue of having to move the hose end around.
  2. Inspect your trees for cavities, unbalanced canopies or multiple trunks. These may require pruning or cabling to prevent potential summer storm damage.
  3. Find out what kind of trees and shrubs you have on your property. Some of your plant species may require protection against specific diseases or insects.
  4. Do the leaves of your plants appear small, discoloured, or thin? Your depleted, compacted urban soils may need renovation and reinvigoration.
  5. Are you planning any construction this summer? Even light landscaping can have a negative effect. Make sure you have a plan in place to protect your trees during and after the project.


If you require any assistance with maintaining and protecting your landscape this summer, reach out to your Cohen & Master arborist. We’re only a click or call away!