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  • Discussion with Geoff on Tree Cabling as part of our Spadina Museum maintenance plan
    Tait talks about tree bracing. This method of mechanically supporting the tree can prevent tree failure and preserve your tree for years to come!

    Cable support systems are a vital part of urban tree care and tree preservation. Cable systems offer an alternative to tree removal or harmful, over-aggressive limb amputation. Cables physically connect opposing sections of the tree canopy, adding tremendous strength to the structure of the tree. Due to the spreading habit of urban trees and the importance of maintaining safety, this type of additional tree support is highly recommended.

    Talk to your arborist today about improving the safety of your tree and preserving your tree for generations to come.

    • Cable systems can be constructed with steel or specialized synthetic fibers. An arborist will make carful decisions around the right type of material and the correct location of the cable within the tree canopy. These choices are critical to the success of the system.

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Located in Toronto, we provide a comprehensive urban tree service private home owners, commercial establishments and municipalities.

Most municipalities have introduced tree preservation by-laws. We interact regularly with these municipalities and can take care of your application to acquire all the necessary permits.

  • Jackie and I give you our greatest appreciation for your prompt and thorough response to our tree cable problem.
Your professionalism in this regard is most impressive and hard to find in today's world !

    - Jackie & Robert L.
  • Thank you! Tait and his team did a great job!

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