In order for trees to grow and stay healthy, they need to have a healthy environment. In cities like Toronto, the soils that our trees live in are often compacted and nutrient-depleted, making it difficult for trees to thrive.

At Cohen & Master, we have developed a product that is specially designed to give those soils (and your trees!) a boost. Our custom ArborGain™ soil conditioner is more than a fertilizer – it is an environment-building shot of biology for your soil.

Soil Superheroes

What exactly is in ArborGain that makes it work so well? There are a few key ingredients that we include to maximize its effectiveness:

  • Sea Kelp: Kelp is chock full of macro and micronutrients, as well as natural growth hormones to help your plants grow stronger and healthier. This also helps boost the plant’s immune system to help ward off, or better recover from, pests and diseases.

  • Yucca: Because yucca are desert plants, they can handle environmental conditions like drought. When included in ArborGain, the yucca passes that ability to the plant when they feed off of it. It helps make water more available for plants, improves root growth and reduces salt uptake.

  • Humic Acid: Humic acid is the fossilized, prehistoric by-product of plant and animal matter found in the earth’s crust. It optimizes the nutrient supply of plants, increase water-holding ability and enhances plant growth.

  • Active Bacteria: we use active bacteria to increase microbes in the soil – the more biology and living matter in the soil, the better the quality.

  • Blackstrap Molasses: We include this in ArborGain as food for microorganisms in the soil. It helps increase the much-needed bacteria in the soil to promote a healthy soil ecosystem.


All of these ingredients combine to create a happy home for your tree roots, and help equip your trees with the tools it needs to overcome environmental stresses like drought, pests and disease. Happy soil means happy trees, and Happy trees means happy cities!

Be Good to Your Trees.

                         Because Your Trees are Good to You.



Kristie Nairn, MA, MMst
Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd.