Weir in the World… Tree Planting Cohen and Master invited Wilder Weir to spend time with them planting a tree in a suburbian backyard in Toronto. It’s important to keep planting trees in an urban environment because trees are essential for a healthy city. Trees absorb cardbon dioxide, reduce heat, help control storm water run-off and they provide oxygen. Furthermore, trees have a hard time living in the city due to poor soil, construction and concrete, so it’s important that Cohen and Master plant as many trees for Toronto as they can so that we have a canopy. Between 2004 and 2009 Toronto planted half a million trees. Weir assisted in planting a small Tulip tree. Tulip trees give a nice yellow flower in the spring, and can grow up to be 70 feet high. First they lifted the tree out of the truck via an aerial lift, then Weir locates the root hole, measures the size of the root, and starts digging. It was great to meet Weir and show him the importance of planting trees.