With the recent surge in tree removals due to the devastating effect of the Emerald Ash Borer on the province’s ash trees, more and more tree companies are popping up.  An article on cbc.ca outlines the dangers that can come with hiring an uncertified tree removal service.  According to the article, “In the past four years, nine people have been killed and 67 critically injured while working on trees in Ontario, according to the Ministry of Labour.”  Along with this, inexperienced, untrained workers may not have the proper equipment, nor the proper liability insurance to protect themselves, and you, from injury or lawsuits.

So you have to be careful if you’re looking to properly care for your tree that you are selecting a certified arborist. The closest thing to a governing body that we go by in our industry is the ISA. This is a group that all serious arborists and arborist companies will be a member of. There is a certification process that one must go through to become a certified arborist with ISA.

ISA membership is the first thing you should look for when searching for a tree service.

How To Know If Your Arborist Is Knowledgeable

  • What’s the knowledge of the arborist you’re meeting with?
  • Are you able to talk to the arborist who gave you the estimate for the tree work?
  • Are you able to discuss the options he gave you and any alternatives?
  • Question them on why they made those choices.

Their answers to these questions will be indicators of their level of tree knowledgeability and whether they can make informed recommendations for your tree.

Another important question or topic is insurance – you can imagine when large trees are either being removed, pruned over houses that have backyards, windows, cars that there is great potential for things to be damaged.

Select a company that has a good track record for not damaging property. How do you do this?

  • Select a company that your neighbours have used or seen around
  • Go the website
  • Talk to their people to get a sense of that company
  • If it’s a company that has come out of nowhere, be cautious. Although that doesn’t mean they don’t have the skills to deliver the quality, but do some investigating in terms of their credentials.
  • There are companies that operate without insurance and do all the tree work and nothing is covered. With the risk of damage to surrounding property rather high for unskilled tree companies, it is best to ask what type of insurance is in place, and they should provide you with that information.
  • Talk to the arborist and make sure you’re on the same page and you’re achieving the same goals
    any problems you have your should discuss this with your abrorist and ensure they offer solutions for quality tree care

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