Elms are highly valuable and beautiful trees within our urban environment. Almost entirely wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease, any live Elm tree today should be cherished and cared for. We continue to see Elm trees die every year as the disease finally gets to them.

Dutch Elm Disease is a fungus that is carried by a borer beetle. When this insect inters the tree, the disease is transferred into the sapwood of the Elm. This fungus clogs the vascular tissue of the plant and the tree will quickly wilt and die.

It is import to remember NOT to prune your Elm trees during the growing season as fresh cuts will attract the disease carrying beetle. It is equally important that these Elms be treated with a fungicide inoculation against Dutch Elm Disease. This product is administer by injection directly into the sap-wood of the tree and will protect the Elm for a three year period.

Talk to your arborist immediately if you have an Elm tree. If you are already seeing wilted leaves, it may be too late.