In this video Cohen and Master visit the University of Toronto to give their Dutch Elm Disease treatment to the Elm Trees. Previously the University of Toronto witnessed their Elm trees showing symptoms of decline such as withering leaves. One year later they were dead. The disease often spreads from one tree to the next so it was important for Cohen and Master to give treatment to the remaining trees to prevent their decline too. The Dutch Elm Disease is transferred by a little insect that bores into the tree and resides under the bark layer of the tree. Once a tree is infected the cambium layer (the layer responsible for tree growth) gets clogged so no nutrients can pass to the crown of the tree. The end result is the trees turn brown and in one season the large elm tree can be killed. Cohen and Master inject a fungicide into the cambium layer at the base of the tree via a pressurized IV kit. From there the treatment spreads into the crown of the tree. This is an effective system as it protects the tree from Dutch Elm Disease while keeping the fungicide contained within the tree.