In this video Cohen and Master illustrate how they are protecting Ash Trees against Emerald Ash Borer to residential properties part of the Toronto ravines network. The insect was first detected in North America in 2002 and Cohen and Master have already witnessed huge amounts of damage the insect can cause. The Ash Tree is an important part of the Toronto tree canopy and is largely planted on the ravines network therefore it is important to protect these trees. The Emerald Ash Borer is a small green beetle that looks for Ash Trees to feed and lay it’s eggs in. These eggs turn into larva that feed on the sap wood of the tree so not as many nutrients travel through the canopy of the tree. Here in the City of Toronto, if an Emerald Ash Borer infected tree is not treated, the Ash Tree will be dead within 10 years. Cohen and Master have received excellent results with treated Ash Trees. Their treatment eliminates infestations and any spreading of the disease within that area. Contact Cohen and Master today for the most effective Emerald Ash Borer treatment in Toronto.