Cohen and Master have gladly worked with a number of local artists that are looking for specific wood for their custom furniture or other artistic creations.

When we have a tree that is due for removal (whether it’s dead or hazardous), often we pair up with companies that salvage that wood. It’s beneficial if it’s a tree that we can use a crane on for the removal process, because we are able to keep the pieces larger.

Once the tree is removed and cut into pieces, the logs can be milled up into boards. There is a portable mill that can be brought to do this on site, which makes the process even easier, as we don’t have to remove these massive logs from the property.

Urban Timber Cautions

A word of caution when processing urban trees – they may have foreign objects inside of them.  It is possible that you may encounter a piece of metal inside the tree, or even concrete. Common items include fence posts, and nails from “lost dog” and “yard sale” signs. Nails will compartmentalize into the wood which can damage your blade during milling.

There is growing interest to use some of these wood types, so we don’t feel it should always be just cut up and used as firewood.  We have seen that there is a lot of potential there for alternative uses.

If you would like to partner up with Cohen and Master for milling urban timber please feel free to contact us!