Spring is here at last! As your trees wake up from their long winter’s nap, we recommend taking a closer look at them to see what needs to be repaired or improved for the growing season.



Spring is a great time to remove the deadwood from your trees. The foliage being out makes these dead branches easy to identify. It’s also a good time to remove any branches that may have been damaged or broken by a winter storm. This time of year is also ideal for pruning your hedges and ornamental trees. Pruning at the beginning of the growing season allows for your trees and shrubs to heal quickly and decreases the amount of stress put on the tree. Think of pruning as spring-cleaning for your trees and shrubs!



As the weather gets warmer and you start thinking about breaking out the patio furniture, you may want to have some of your trees pruned to manage the sunlight and airflow into your yards and gardens. The season for being outdoors is here, so make your outdoors the best it can be by taking care of your trees!

By: Kristie Nairn, Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services