What are the Toronto ravines?

The Toronto Ravines are a ravine network that form a large urban forest running throughout Toronto. After the city was developed, it became evident to city planners they should conserve the ravines and thus a series of by-laws were put in place to limit construction in the ravines, landfill in and around the ravines, and to preserve the areas due to the growth of native tree species. The ravines are very special to Toronto as many other Canadian cities don’t have this feature of green space throughout the city.

How Does Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Service Assist In The Preservation Of The Toronto Ravines?

There are private properties along the ravines that share their space with them. Home owners call Cohen & Master for a routine tree and garden maintenance job, but most do not realise the extra attention their properties need due to their properties residing in the Ravines. The extra consideration is due to by-laws that are to be followed, (click here to review Toronto City By Laws) and certain type of pruning can only be done in accordance with the Toronto Ravine by-laws. Furthermore, an application has to be processed and approved before any tree removal is to be undertaken within the Ravines.

The Toronto Ravines is a sensitive area that need professional assistance before making any changes, especially if your property resides within the Ravines. CMtrees specializes in this area due to our extensive knowledge of all the Toronto tree bylaws and tree permits that govern the preservation of the Toronto Ravines.

It is very important to respect the ravines and care for the trees. If you are fortunate enough to own a property that backs on the ravines, please consult one of our certified arborists to make sure you are doing everything possible to preserve the trees that your property shares with the Toronto ravines.