Traditional Pesticide Treatment & Problems

Tree pesticide treatment has certainly changed over the years with new products, new treatments and new technologies continually being developed.
Previously, dealing with pest and tree disease the tree was subject to being sprayed with a pesticide solution, coating the tree and all the foliage.

The difficulty in this process was that the larger tree, the larger the surface the area and harder it was to reach. Large equipment, big pumps driving products up to the trip became difficult and cumbersome. Space is tight in an urban environment, and with a large tree there is a lot of product wasted due to drift ending up around the vicinity of the tree such as someone’s lawn chair or children’s swing set. Obviously this has some problems associated with it.

Modern Tree Pesticide Treatments

The industry responded to these problems by developing technologies that allow for the pesticides to be injected into the tree. Cohen and Master harnessed this technology and have been performing tree injections for the Toronto and GTA urban canopy since its development. The pesticide solution is injected into the cambium layer of the tree, the layer responsible for tree growth, via a pressurized pumping kit so it gets into the system. The product is then naturally shared through the whole tree. This is what we call a systemic solution, because it runs through the whole system of the tree – into the branches and leaves – so you get really effective results.

The effect of injectable pesticide on the community

In terms of the the environment and the community, the benefits are in their favour as the injection really targets the one tree, with no drift onto the neighbouring properties or surrounding objects.

Is tree pesticide solution a one-off treatment?

This really does depend on what you are treating and what product you are using. There are many different options. The one pesticide treatment we inject a lot is to control the Emerald Ash Borer. The product is called TreeAzin and we inject this into the tree during the summer months – the best time to inject – and that will protect the tree for a two year period. One injection by a Cohen and Master arborist will take roughly 30 minutes.


One thing to note is that once we remove the injection sprouts from the tree injection, the tree will not compartmentalize over the holes (the holes created are very small and do not harm the tree in anyway) and your tree is protected for a two year period. This is a very effective solution as your tree is covered for so long. This is the main reason why we turned towards injecting trees rather than spraying products.

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