Spring is here at last! (according to the calendar, if not the weather!)

It’s time to think about how you can make sure your trees are Healthy, Safe, and Beautiful for this growing season.

What makes a tree healthy?

The best way to make sure your tree is healthy is to make sure it has a healthy root system.

What do roots need to be healthy? Oxygen, Water, and Nutrients.

How do we make sure our roots have access to all of those things?

What makes a tree safe?

A safe tree is a structurally sound tree. This means it has a strong root system, as well as a strong and well-balanced canopy. You’ve already read about how to make your roots strong and healthy, but what about the canopy?

What you can do: Monitor your tree. Be aware of its structure and keep an eye out for cracks, decay, and any limbs that may be over-extending (especially towards houses, driveways or walkways). For your smaller trees and ornamentals, you can also prune out sprouts, small low deadwood, or suckers – anything that you can reach from the ground.

What your arborist can do: Large-scale pruning. We can do structure pruning to improve weight and balance in the canopy. We can prune for improved air flow and shorten over-extended limbs to mitigate the potential for storm damage.

We can also offer structural support – we can install cable systems, bracing bolts or props to support narrow and weak unions, cracks, multi-stem trees, cavities and trees that lean.

What makes a tree beautiful?

A beautiful tree is ultimately a healthy tree. When you think of a beautiful tree, you think of a nice shape and a robust, vibrant foliage.

What you can do: All of the things already mentioned above contribute to a beautiful tree. Another thing you can do is monitor your tree for signs of pests and disease.

What your arborist can do: Pruning and soil amendments all contribute to making your trees beautiful. We can also help combat the pests and disease that can damage your foliage. We have treatments for caterpillars, scale, Emerald Ash Borer, Dutch Elm Disease and much more. We can also treat your trees in the aftermath of an infestation to help ease the stress put on them and let them get their groove back!

We want your trees to be healthy, safe, and beautiful so you can enjoy them today and for years to come.

Call your arborist today for a spring check-up!


Be good to your trees.


Kristie Nairn, MA, MMst
Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services Ltd.