We don’t want the wood chip mulch going to waste because of the environmental value the wood chips hold. We use them for mulch when we plant trees, and they help trees survive in the urban environment.

Wood Chips In The Urban Environment

Laying down mulch simulates a forest floor type scenario which helps:

  • Retain moisture
  • Prevent lawn mowers from cutting the base of the tree as they attempt to cut the grass, which is something we always want to avoid.
  • Add nutrients back into the soil

It’s also a great way to minimize compaction (even from foot traffic). One example of the negative effect of compaction is when a bulldozer passes by a tree on a construction site.  The bulldozer compresses all that soil and it squeezes out all the air. That air provides a space for the roots to uptake nutrients and water, so compaction is harmful as it eliminates the tree’s ability to do so properly, and thereby stunts its growth and effects its overall health.

By putting down a mulch bed, we can help distribute foot traffic and machine weight to aid in minimizing soil compaction.

Newly recognised Use of Wood Chips: Biofuel

The interest for alternate energy sources in the last decade has seen exponential growth.  This industry is only just starting to develop in North America out of environmental concerns and the increasing cost of gas. Europe is ahead of the game with strong interest in wood chips as an alternative fuel source due to energy prices being higher for longer.

How are Wood Chips converted to energy?

Wood chip mulch can be converted to pellets, which are then fed into a hopper, then through a boiler – which generates the energy.

Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services are always exploring these types of new opportunities to re-use and recycle the wood chips, as our industry produces a whole lot of it.

With all the companies operating in the Greater Toronto Area, each company in one days work can produce roughly 3 tonnes of wood chip mulch. This is exactly why our industry needs to be on the cutting edge so we can find ways to use this material in an environmentally friendly.

If you would like more information on Wood Chip mulch please contact Cohen and Master today!