Unlike you and I, a tree can’t make an appointment at a doctor’s office.   They can’t order their prescriptions and pick them up at the pharmacy or go to the grocery store to pick up the food they need.

Urban trees rely on the people who cohabitate with them in their environment to notice when they’re sick or they aren’t getting the right kind of nourishment to keep them healthy.



Each tree is an independent organism that has specific needs based on the species, size, age, and many different external factors. There is not one solution for all trees. “Prescription without Diagnosis is Malpractice,” is a phase commonly used by the medical profession, and it’s a principle that applies to the treatment of trees as well.

A good Arborist will assess your tree’s health and how it interacts with the sun, soil, air, water, and the other organisms around it.


Trees cannot come to us, but fortunately, the arborists at Cohen and Master can come to them.

We have a mobile plant health care rig and we carry around all the treatments your tree might need with us when we come to your property. Whether your tree needs extra nutrients from our custom root stimulant and soil conditioner (Arborgain) or a complete soil overhaul by de-compacting the existing soil and adding our custom mix compost, we have all the treatments available on-site for your tree and all that ails it!

By: Rachael Kowaleski, BES
Consulting Arborist, Cohen & Master Tree and Shrub Services